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How Psychedelics Made Me an Atheist

Recently I made a post about my experience with psychedelics. A friend asked a tongue and check question in response: “Yes, ok, but have you tried some Holy Spirit?”. Now of-course this was just a friend making a joke , but it got me curious about how drug use has influenced my understanding of spirituality.

To answer my friends question, Yes! In my journey I’ve had a lot of experience that could be called “The Holy Spirit”. Intense sessions of prayer that lead to emotional waves, sometimes even tears. Moments of worship where I felt a connection with something beyond my perception. I was a very committed Christian for some time.

However as I’ve experimented more and more I’ve found that I can induce identical sensations with substances. That euphoric experience people get while engulfed in worship is almost exactly like the serotonin flood that comes from doing some MDMA. The connection to things greater than myself can be found easily though a baggie of mushrooms. The intense self reflection that comes from meditation and prayer can found with a good joint and a line of K. Even something as mild as cannabis can give an almost other worldly sensation at high doses with the right environment.

Of-course this not definite proof of anything. There is always the possibly that spirituality and psychological sensations are related on a level I just can’t understand yet. However, My experience with Psychonautics has lead me to be more and more atheistic. It seems to me if I can explain these spiritual feelings with just chemical reactions then there’s no reason to complicate this by throwing in metaphysical ideas. Our brains are super sensitive and I could easily see how someone psychologically primed to believe in spiritual experiences could induce drug like sensations while in worship/prayer/etc.



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