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General Rules For Responsible Drug Use

Don’t self medicate

The fact of the matter is, it’s unlikely you have the proper background knowledge of the human body to self medicate in a safe way. I even would go as far as to suggest not smoking pot while depressed out of fear of building some sort of emotional dependency. Unless you’re qualified, avoid self medicating, one bad dosage could cause significant long term negative effects.

Know the drug

There’s a phrase that circles around my group that goes something like “your first trip should always be to the library”. What we mean by this is, before doing any new drug always acquire as much information as possible. Make sure you know proper dosage, what things are dangerous to mix with, and what environments are most comfortable for the particular drug.

Know thy self

It’s key that you make sure you’re doing drugs for the right reasons. If you’re doing drugs just to impress some girl you may push yourself to unsafe limits. Every individual is different and size, weight, mental health, etc can all factor into the intensity of the experience. Know your limits and make sure your usage is as safe and fun as possible for you and everyone around you.

Know your sources

Unfortunately legal barriers make it some what complicated to fully know your sources but it’s generally not hard to build some sort of relationship with your local dealer. Make sure you know the person in some responsible capacity and that you’re comfortable with their values. Some dealers are more entrepreneurial than others so quality and price may range significantly throughout your town.

Have an anchor

An anchor is one who keeps you grounded. Especially in cases of doing a new drug for the first time, make sure there’s someone there who’s sober enough to take charge if needed. Having someone to calm you down or drive you to a new location can have such a huge positive impact on your experience.

Schedule your experiences

If you’re doing psychedelics the night before having to wake up early to go to your office job, you’re not doing drugs responsibly. Always schedule out your trips and adventures so that you have enough time to recover. There’s nothing inherently wrong with doing drugs on a whim but impulsiveness is not always a healthy habit. Also with proper planning and you can make sure the experience is as fun as possible.


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