I’m Writing a Book: A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis

Within marijuana culture there is this archetype referred to as “The Stoner”. This is that experienced veteran toker that first introduces you to cannabis. He’s the older brother that buys you your first 8th. That buddy from high school who invited you to smoke for the first time. For most of marijuana history this is how stoner culture is passed down. Through the oral tradition and teachings of experienced smokers. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to stumble upon The Stoner. Some people are curious about getting high but never have the network or community that could teach them. Very often I get these types of people hitting me up. They ask basic 101 questions about cannabis. Even as simple as how to hit the bowl.

I’ve decided to take all of the tips and advice I’ve shared over the years and collect them into a single book. This will be a great opportunity to monetize something I’ve been giving away for free and help me launch my personal brand into the cannabis industry.

Details are still being fleshed out but i’m estimating my launch date as April 30th.



Here some examples of topics I will be including in the book.

    • A complete list of marijuana slang and phrases
    • Stoner etiquette, such as cornering the bowl and how to determine who gets the first hit
    • What to do when you’re too stoned
    • How to spot quality bud vs low grade
    • What to look for when buying your first pipe
    • How to make edibles and dose them safely
    • And many more!

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