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Strain Review: Blue Dream

Blue dream-
I grabbed an eighth of blue dream recently, and I’m stoked to tell you all about it. This is a pretty well known medicinal strain and I’m already a big fan. What I’ve got is the most common Blue Dream, a sativa dominant hybrid, which is right in line with my usual preference for sativas.

Taking a look at the buds, the first thing that stands out is the pale-ish green color, evenly dispersed short red hairs and a generous sprinkling of sweet crystals. They feel nice and dense and you can see that very well when you pull them apart to grind them. This particular bud had some pretty hefty stems left after picking them and grinding up the goods.

Post-grinding the smell really stands out. The sweet almost-but-not-quite-a-blueberry smell is strong enough that it hit me from the grinder sitting on my knee. The scent is exactly what I imagine when I think of weed-smell, not that that’s a bad thing necessarily. I’m definitely fond of the scent of this bud because it’s not skunky, and as intense as the smell may be, it doesn’t strike me as overbearing.

Now, as usual I’d be smoking in my room out of the Ol’ Trusty Bong. I packed a bowl and went to town. The flavor is strong and earthy on the inhale, with a little bit of sweetness, though nothing to write home about. Blue Dream doesn’t strike me as a harsh smoke but I’d imagine a little more harshness out of a pipe or a chillum. In the Ol’ Trusty Bong, though, it’s smooth as ice. The exhale really exemplifies the Blueberry genetics of Blue Dream, you get sweet berry notes and an almost sugary sweetness to finish it off.

As I smoked I felt the high creep up over the course of just a few minutes, then I noticed that I was significantly higher than I thought. A couple of bowls of this and I was ready for bed. I powered through, and got some munchies. The high with this strain is very heady, and hits like a train, lasting quite long enough for me. I enjoyed listening to music while I was smoking Blue Dream more than anything else. The cerebral buzz kept me zoned out and jamming pretty hard for the duration of the session.

Blue Dream is legendary, and for good reason, this bud packs a fast, hard-hitting cerebral buzz and a bubbly, energetic body high all in one tightly packed, trichome sprinkled package. I’d recommend Blue Dream highly as a night time or chill sesh smoke. The flavor is really good, and the high is even better. Out of ten, I’d rank Blue Dream as a solid 7. It’s not the perfect anytime smoke, but it’s potent and the high lasts long enough to chill for quite some time.

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