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Strain Review: Green Crack

Green Crack

A strain well-known for its uplifting and heady sativa high, I got an eighth and decided to record my thoughts on this relatively famous herb. For the sake of consistency I’ll be sparking up in my room with my trusty bong and a nice clean bowl piece as usual.

I opened the bag and gave it a nice long whiff as I prepared for whatever was next to come. The scent is citrusy and earthy, but not skunky or overly piney, more along the lines of dry leaves than pine needles. It is aromatic and definitely a pleasant scent, something I don’t mind smelling up the room. Rather than long thin red hairs evenly dispersed, you’re presented with small, attractive clusters of bright pistrils. I dropped a fat nug into my grinder and let it work its magic on the densely packed bud. The freshly ground flower has a noticeable mango smell to it that I couldn’t quite pinpoint before.cannaplant

Let’s spark up! On the first inhale I got a lot of semi-sweet, almost orange peel flavor. Different from my usual super piney or cheesy strains, but definitely in a good way. On the exhale, a strong earthy tone mixes nicely with the citrus for a smooth overall hit with next to no roughness. This herb is excellent out of a bong, I think being filtered through the water makes a real difference with this smoke. It comes through super smooth and has a decent amount of flavor to it. The high didn’t hit me very hard at first but it kept creeping up little by little. About two bowls in I was really feeling the headiness more than anything. The high from Green Crack is energetic and productive, I’d say this is a really good morning or mid day smoke. The only complaint I have is that while my energy was very much present, I found it hard to focus after I was really feeling it.

Green Crack lives up to its name pretty well. I got a little bouncy and my music was sounding reallllllyyyy gooood maaaannnn. The flavor wasn’t quite what I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised and definitely happy with it, because it is smooth as ice and pretty tasty. As far as my top ten list of strains, after my short time smoking this very sativa flower, I’d say Green Crack assuredly ranks.

The pros, cons, and my final verdict:


  • Fantastic smell
  • Excellent and unique flavor
  • Very heady high


  • The head buzz made it difficult to focus on anything fully

The Final Verdict

Strong sweet scent, smooth flavorful hits, and a strong heady sativa high add up to a very solid strain. A great daytime smoke that, if you don’t overindulge, will leave you feeling uplifted and bubbly. Given the choice I would definitely smoke Green Crack again.

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