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Pineapple Chunk – Strain Review

Pineapple Chunk

I picked up an eighth of this strong pineapple scented bud from a local grower. After sampling his wares, including this particular strain, I was more than enthused to partake and give the world my opinions on this slight indica-leaning hybrid.

Looking at the nugs this bud is nice and tightly packed, lots of dark green colour and noticeable but dull reds mixed in, all covered with an ample dusting of sweet, cannabinoid packed trichomes.


Opening the bag I find my sense of smell totally overtaken by a strong pineapple with skunky undertones. The scent is earthy and sweet at first with a pungent cheesy skunk finishing it off. I wouldn’t bother labeling this one for storage, it announces itself quite effectively with its smell alone.

My smoke session would take place in my bedroom, the most comfortable place to spark up in, with my trusty bong and a fairly clean bowl piece. I dumped a couple of big nugs into my grinder and went to work. Packing the bowl with the grinder open filled the air around me with that trademark Pineapple Chunk scent, a good note to start smoking on.

Let’s light up! The first pull comes through sweet and just a tiny bit harsh. The flavor is noticeably more piney and earthy than the scent would lead you to expect. On the exhale you can really get a sense of that cheese lineage, with a slightly lingering citrus note. If you like a very aromatic herb, I think you’ll like this strain. The smell is almost more satisfying than the taste with this particular Pineapple Chunk.

The high crept up gradually and smoothly. Not quite locking me into my bed but damn was I comfortable. The head buzz was enough to keep me intently focused on playing video games for a good bit. While I wouldn’t necessarily seek it out for a pre bedtime smoke, Pineapple Chunk delivers a fairly strong and relaxing body high with a very energetic head buzz.

Overall I’d give this strain a solid 7.5/10

The scent is fantastic and potent, giving you hints of citrus and pine mixed in with the cheesy skunk-like overtones that fill the room. The flavor ranks highly but it is definitely not the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted. The pine and skunk come through even more strongly in the taste and only on the exhale do you get a hint of citrus that doesn’t linger much. The body high with a touch of head-buzziness is definitely enjoyable, while not overly potent. This is definitely a good midday or morning smoke. Given the chance, I would gladly smoke Pineapple Chunk again, and I’m sure I will.

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