Why I Don’t Wake and Bake


The “wake and bake”, as the name suggests, is where an individual smokes cannabis shortly after waking up. The cut off for what is considered a wake and bake may vary from person to person. Some wake-n-bakers say the cut off is within the first hour of smoking and others might suggest putting it at smoking before eating.

The reasons for waking and baking seem to vary even more than the definition. Just asking around with friends I’ve gotten responses that range from medical needs to developing increasing motivation and focus.

I’m a pretty frequent cannabis user. Unless I’m on a break I’m lighting up almost all day every day. However my experience with the wake and bake is less positive. After some experimenting with smoking in the morning i’ve almost as a rule cut it out. I can pinpoint 3 reasons i’m not a fan.

Dental Hygiene

My first major concern is the dental hygiene aspect. Getting high drys out my mouth and this can have pretty bad effects if I’m not careful. The genetic lottery has cursed me with some very poor gums and drying them out before brushing just speeds up the deterioration.

Keeping a Clear Head

I can do most of my work stoned but that’s not always the case. When I wake up I need to figure out my plan for the day. Am I operating machinery or dealing with kids? Gonna need to stay sober! If I make smoking in the morning a habit I may slip up and smoke when I shouldn’t.

Eating a Healthy Breakfast

Though it’s good smoking can increase my appetite it does change my eating habits. I feel more more incentive to maximize taste over healthiness. When I eat breakfast I tend to aim for healthy over anything else and it’s easier to make the choice when I’m not blitzed. 


Everyone’s smoking habits are different. If you enjoy the wake and bake more power to ya. Not me though. Give me a few hours I’ll get high with you around brunch time.

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